how to interact with a bloxBuild

Change is a fundamental element of a bloxBuild.

A bloxBuild is transitory and subject to change. Change occurs through audience/user participation.

Participation allows users:

  • To follow their own association pathway
  • To experiment with building their own cognitive structures
  • To link their actions with internal emotional and identity needs



A bloxBuild has a flexible structural architecture.

This flexibility allows for the rearrangement of a finite set of elements. The process of rearrangement, of generating multiple versions, or ‘versioning’, is an essential characteristic of a bloxBuild.

A bloxBuild is easy to work with.

blox use the hooks and loops of Velcro to connect together. The coupling of blox creates a composition called a bloxBuild.

blox, the ‘stuff’ bloxBuilds are made of

Blox, the basic components of a bloxBuild, are various sizes.

A bloxBuild is formed through the composing of blox into an arrangement.


Conceptually blox are:

  • An instance of an imageObject, a class of objects that exist in the space between painting and sculpture.
  • Beyond easel painting
  • Interactive

Physically blox are:

  • The base material is Styrofoam building insulation
  • Vellcro, collage and acrylic paint applied to the surface form an allover image
  • Velcro is used for the coupling of blox to each other and the wall mount