bloxBuild v.4

“system of natural liberty”



3 dimensional diagram of Economy

“By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it.”

Adam Smith

bloxBuild v.3

Rents, Wages and Profits

defines three kinds of peoples


diagram of ebb and flow economy

 “…Smith was the first important economist to distinguish clearly between profits that accrued to industrial capital and wages, rents and profits on merchant capital. He was also the first to appreciate the significance of the fact that the three principal categories of income – profits, rents, and wages, – corresponded to the three most important social classes in the capitalist system of his day – capitalists, landlords and the ‘free’ laborers who could not live unless they sold their labor power for a wage.”

E.K. Hunt, “History of Economic Thought: A Critical Perspective”


bloxBuild v.2

Horizontal Cash Flow

Money and Hands



Relentless directional pursuit

Left to right movement across the field of vision,
visual field.

Appearance of some type of disruption,

Surface is a build up, a layering of blox. Broken up tumbling blox.

the hands appear to resemble a school of swimming fish

Red left hands dominate and direct the flow of other colored left hands.

bloxBuild v.1

bloxBuild v.1, ‘a visual arrangement’ that seeks form as a composition of blox

composition = rules of arrangement

  • Change is the only constant
  • Representation of movement
  • Capture ‘momentary flow’


Physical break-up of the picture plane

with some elements rotated 90 degrees in space forming a real 3-d image in real space/time

tension between image elements

hands are digital images

moneys are real/concrete images

Velcro flows throughout the overall composition/arrangement,

uniting the blox into a whole/totality

how to interact with a bloxBuild

Change is a fundamental element of a bloxBuild.

A bloxBuild is transitory and subject to change. Change occurs through audience/user participation.

Participation allows users:

  • To follow their own association pathway
  • To experiment with building their own cognitive structures
  • To link their actions with internal emotional and identity needs



A bloxBuild has a flexible structural architecture.

This flexibility allows for the rearrangement of a finite set of elements. The process of rearrangement, of generating multiple versions, or ‘versioning’, is an essential characteristic of a bloxBuild.

A bloxBuild is easy to work with.

blox use the hooks and loops of Velcro to connect together. The coupling of blox creates a composition called a bloxBuild.

blox, the ‘stuff’ bloxBuilds are made of

Blox, the basic components of a bloxBuild, are various sizes.

A bloxBuild is formed through the composing of blox into an arrangement.


Conceptually blox are:

  • An instance of an imageObject, a class of objects that exist in the space between painting and sculpture.
  • Beyond easel painting
  • Interactive

Physically blox are:

  • The base material is Styrofoam building insulation
  • Vellcro, collage and acrylic paint applied to the surface form an allover image
  • Velcro is used for the coupling of blox to each other and the wall mount